working perfectly on my ATV 1

It was a doddle to set up after downloading the zip file, cyberducking it into the ATV directory, I

navigated to add the plug in from zip file and installed it…

This XBMC addin is nothing short of amazing… I can stream from many hundreds of TV shows, films

and other stuff either at standard def (performs faultlessly) or HD which involves occasional buffering

 on my system because, although I have a 50 meg connection, I don’t subscribe to Megaupload so my

bandwidth is limited by that fact.

Great addin…



I’m having trouble finding the zip file for icefilms for the ATV1. Could you direct me to a site where I can download it? 



Hi the plugin is by a guy named anarchintosh… try these links to research


I believe this is the actual zip you will need to ftp into the ATV1 and install from the apple tv

I have ATV 1, and have downloaded the .zip file for the icefilms add-on. How do I navigate through my ATV to select the file to add it from the usb port? I’m SOO close, but just have no idea how to find my usb drive when “browsing” (on my atv)


I didn’t use a USB I cyberducked the file onto the hard drive of the ATV. install from within XBMC and look for the section “install from zip file”

Hi Keith,

I have had success with my ATV2, but not with the ATV1.  I did everything with Cyberduck, etc and got it to install, but I get all kinds of script errors when doing anything.  I even get that with trying another addon (food network).  I’m starting to think I need to see if I can install a later version of XBMC, then un-install the add on and re-install?  Any info you have about what versions of XBMC you have and what options are turned on/off would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Keith,

Please let me know what version of XBMC is on your ATV1.  I keep getting some kind of script error no matter what I do.



There are currently issues with icefilms… I suggest you check on their website as many people are finding script errors or no streaming. My findings point to a megaupload issue but I have updated XBMC on the ATV several times with no adverse effect on icefilms.


Thanks for responding.  I have been watching the XBMC forums and icefilm forums and there are not too many people that have a good understanding or have even attempted doing this on an ATV1.  I’m afraid we are the pioneers.  Based on what I am seeing, I’m starting to think that I have a bad copy of XBMC/Boxee with my Firecore build.  That means I should go in and delete XBMC and Boxee apps using Cyberduck and start from scratch, then load XBMC clean and do the add on.  When I uninstall it from the ATV menu, it still keeps all the directories in the folders.  Just to be clear, I’m assuming you SSH’d into your ATV and loaded addon through the XBMC add on menu and have done updates to XBMC with no trouble.  I’m assuming you loaded the XBMC/Boxee option through your firecore build.  Right now, you are the only person I know who has this working on an ATV1 with Firecore.  I’ll let you know if this solves my problem and will possibly do a youtube video of how to get this working (if I am successful).:slight_smile:


It sounds like a plan to me… I only ever got script errors when icefilms was down but yes I used cyberduck to add the install zip file and installed within xbmc with the install from zip file option.


That did the trick.  I went in through Cyberduck and deleted the XBMC directories in applications and applications support.  I went in through the atv and installed XBMC.  I installed the Dharma version under downloads.  From there, I copied the zip file into  /mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Library/ApplicationSupport/XBMC/addons using Cyberduck.

Before doing this, I installed a couple of video addons to test it like Food Network / HGTV.  It worked.  

Now, I have this working on an ATV 1 on the main TV and an ATV 2 on the bedroom TV.  

In some ways, I think the procedure is simpler on the ATV1.  If anyone else is attempting this, it makes sense to delete the XBMC version on your ATV1 and re-install from the Firecore menus - good to know!

Thanks for hearing me out on this.



I have successfully installed Hulu, Crackle, Icefilms, BBC and Navi-X.

Just copy each italic item, google it and then download each zip file:






Save all to a folder called ATV1 ZIPS.

Copy that folder to your flash drive.

Plug it into the USB port on the back of ATV Flash fire core atv1.

Go into XBMC > SYSTEM> ADDONS > install from zip file.

On the right hand menu, scroll down and find your flash drive.

Click play to open it. Select your ATV ZIP folder and select (1) zip file.

Click play and it will install.

Do this to each one.

Then menu click back out to main screen VIDEOS.

Forward click and only FILES and ADDONS options will show.

Select ADDONS.

Scroll thru the list.

Find your files (HULU for example) click and select install button. It will download in percentages and show enabled when completed.

Do this with the rest of your zip now unzipped list.

I then went back to VIDEOS, forward clicked either FILES or ADDONS, then rewind click. A left window will slideout.Play click to select to custom the splash window: list or big list or info or thumbnail or poster wrap or wide icons . . . I like thumbnails. Rewind click to collapse slideout window.

 BTW - let IceFilms download its megadata container when you first open it. It took 9 minutes for me.

Also, Navi-X is found under PROGRAMS > Addons.

And BBC will not work unless you have a UK proxy. If you do have one please one pass it on . . . I would certainly appreciate it . .

Enjoy your now awesome Apple TV1 and remember, you can still load up your hard drive or flash drive to watch your movies.

But why when IceFilms has 77K movies . . . and the TV shows . . .!!