Icefilms 3D Content H-SBS

Does anybody know how to watch 3d films at icefilms with xbmc? Do you need a 3d tv or can we watch with a regular tv. They made an explanation on icefilms web site that you can watch with a regular 2d tv but they didn’t mention how to watch on atv2. I would be happy if someone could tell a way to watch.  

I’ m also asking to the people on firecore ıf they plan to put a 3d program like sview so that we can easily watch 3d content from atv2

To watch 3d content, you need a 3d capable TV (active or passive). SBS movies are double width frames, each frame “side-by-side” which a 3d TV combines into a single image, and 3d glasses filter each image to your eyes to create depth.

I watch 3d on my ATV2 now, you start up a SBS movie, hit the 3d button on your TV remote and select SBS. Put on glasses and voila 3d. I wish they made Media Player kick my TV into 3d mode automatically (PS3’s do this) but otherwise it’s works perfect as is.