Icefilm freezes after 10~15 second of playing rapidshare sources


anyone has this problem?

my apple tv 2 with 1.3 atv flash

just started to do it today

yesterday i was still watching no problem

XBMC with icefilm

even tried with Navi x with icefilm source same problem

i tried with any movie or tv series clips

it will play for 10~15 seconds, then freezes and comes out like the video clip has finished playing ( XBMC still on )

i tried other sources like 2share, works fine. or watched cartoon or korean drama works fine as long as it is not rapid share

only rapidshare -

any idea what is wrong?


Ever since megavideo went down, the various file sharing sites have started fixing their file transfer algorithms to make sure people are not sharing with each other.  speculate that is what you are seeing.