I would like to update to 2.2 and install aTVFlash

I read about aTVFlash and was impressed. So I bought one.
Marvellous, first all I had to do was update the AppleTv to the latest software 2.2.
OK, ATV was at 2.1. I performed a ‘factory restore’ through the settings menu and tried to update to 2.2. That was all several days ago.

The situation is that:
ATV is at 1.1;
I see ATV in iTunes and can synchronise between them to send movies, etc to ATV;
iTunes can download from the iTunes Store on the internet;
& Port 3689 is open.

But I cannot update to 2.2, perhaps that is not too surprising since I cannot connect the ATV to YouTube or to play any Theatre Trailers, both of which I used to when in 2.1. I have tried all the suggestions from the various forums, short of the rather complicated conversion of the ‘factory restore’ to 2.1.

What am I missing that would enable ATV to connect to the internet? I see from the forums that many users are having trouble updating to 2.2 but this is not the first problem on my agenda. Are there any further settings I can check to discover the obstacle?

Might I suggest that aTVFlash might publish an idiot’s check list that would identify the various settings that should ensure a connection of ATV to the internet & enable an update to be made so that aTVFlash can be installed.

In the meantime can anyone help.


Did you install the aTV Flash prior to updating the software? Did you select the ‘disable auto-update’ function? The Apple TV software should be updated prior to installing the aTV Flash.

I did not try to install the aTVFlash before restoring and trying to update the ATV.

The aTVFlash lies untouched.


My failure to get ATV connected to the internet may be the wrong IP address given to the ATV in ‘Network’. The address at present is DHCP

In another forum someone suggested that because the Speedtouch 330 basic modem I am using is not feeding any IP address for the ATV, it is the G5 Mac computer that has to provide it. The ethernet cable is directly from the G5 to the ATV.

How do I get the G5 to provide the IP address for the ATV.


You have to turn on Internet Sharing in the Sharing System Preference. The idea is that your shared port will be the Speedtouch USB connection and the sharing port will be the Built-In Ethernet port. After enabling that, you should be able to get a 192.168.x.x IP address on the AppleTV. I do know that sometimes this is tricky to get it to work, but hopefully it will go smoothly for you.

Thank you ‘madcran’ for your advice.

ATV is finally connected to the internet. I had checked the internet sharing box previously but had not set it up properly.

Will give further details tomorrow to close the thread.

Very much obliged.


Just a note to close this thread.

Thanks to a prompt from ‘madcran’ I was able (at long last) to connect my ATV to the internet.

The only change to be made was in ‘Sharing’ in the System Preferences.

The box for ‘Internet Sharing’ had to be checked. This had to then to be set up using the pop up menu to show “Share your computer from ‘SpeedTouch USB’ (my modem)”: then using the check box “To computers using ‘Ethernet’”.

This did not change the IP address already showing in the ATV menus, but enabled the connection between the ATV and the modem (via the G5 computer).