I wish I would have known my updated atv2 wasnt going to work with this beta

I got the email the beta was out and got super excited thru 19.95 to get it only to find out it doest work on an updated appletv? Maybe I am an idiot but the main reason I jumped on this was because I thought it was going to work with latest update. I mean really I coulda been running plex and a jailbroke atv2 for free. 


How long before this is straightened out?




I think there is nothing Fire Core can do until the Dev Team or someone else releases a jailbreak for iOS 4.2.


This is a little poor, I'm going to be in the same boat here, and there is nothing to say it's going to be an issue.

Well then hopefully firecore updates their emails and page so people understand that buying now is useless if you have updated your atv2 - 

Hopefully fixed soon or I guess i will be asking for my money back :(

I was soooooooooooo looking forward to this to.

I downgraded my firmware without a problem. so i am back to 4.1

just use pwnagetool to make the custom firmware 4.1 so shh is avaible and jailbreak. then when pwnagetool finish create you custom build. put the apple tv (2g) in dfu mode and you will be good to install atvflash(black).


p.s. you will lose the airplay. will only work with audio. until 4.2.1 jailbreak update. :)

I done a downgrade to 4,1 with no problem following your howto. Installed the package (I need to unpluged and replug the power cord to reset the atv2 after that to get back to main menu).

I also installed ninoTV that implement a working afpfs-ng package to mount afp share from network.

Is there a way to permanently mount a afp share (and where to mount it) in the atv2 to get media from it ?

If not, I will get back to 4.2 and will wait a release including that fonctionality as the airplay is a very interesting feature (I put my kids moovies on her iPod).

Great work anyway, the implemented functions works well.

Does anyone know any NAS with a flex server (I have one that does iTune Media server with realtime transcoding from now but it only read few format)?

I wish I would have known my updated atv2 wasnt going to work with this beta.....

well that is all a guess man..even me i toke my a long time to set this up and now im getting a deb error that noby is answering me ..


so me to  i want to play arround with the aire play.so bey bey firecore for now..


it's a gamble man.assume it.20$ at least it is not 40$..