I Want My ATV...Still No Jailbreak ;-(

It’s Christmas morning and still no jailbreak for us who upgraded to 4.1=4.2.1…please I Phone DEV Team…Get it Done…

merry Christmas to everyone!

There's been a Jailbreak for awhile now, its just tethered like all the other newer devices.


Only untethered JB is for iPhone 3G and early bootrom 3GS's .. and some of the iTouch's.  But you can certainly JB your ATV.

is their any way doing this in windows 7 ? 

No idea, I'm a Mac user.

Ok , Well Can You Explain to me What Does tethered vs un-tethered Mean? 

Hi folks…I know about the available jailbreak but dont want to fool around with running the software every tine my device turns off…have to wait for the one that sticks…waiting on the I DEV team to release the full blown version…any news please post…thanks and happy new year to all…