I think my new iPhone keeps stopping my Apple TV playback?!

Okay, this is very very weird…and I’m completely stuck.

Note that I’m not using my phone for any part of watching videos in the process that I’m describing next. I’m not air playing anything from my phone. My phone is literally just sitting sitting next to me.

In the past 48 hours two things have happened… First my Apple TV (using the Infuse app to play clips from my NAS) stops playback somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes each time. I’ve made no changes to the Apple TV set up and how it connects to my server. I’ve made no changes to my synology NAS.

The only other thing that has changed in the past 48 hours is that I’m now the proud owner of a shiny new iPhone 14 Pro .

Why do I think this has anything to do with it? It’s because when the Apple TV first froze I picked up my iPhone and was surprised to see the program I was watching on my Apple TV displayed in the dynamic island.

That completely baffled me. It’s a new phone, and I haven’t connected that new phone in anyway to my Apple TV as far as I am aware.

How does it know what I’m watching? Something to do with Apple’s Home feature?

Because the stopping on the Apple TV became a regular event, I started to suspect that it might have something to do with the iPhone 14 going to sleep. Is that even possible? I genuinely can’t find anything else that has changed in terms of my set up in the past 48 hours … So somehow, as weird as it seems, I think my iPhone 14 pro is actually stopping playback on my Apple TV just by the iPhone going into some energy saving mode.

Am I right? How can I fix it?

Wonder if it could be something to do with the “hand off” feature. I have no clue as to how it all works but I’ve read a few things about the new phones taking over something from other devices when they get close so you can walk around and not miss something.

I thought you had it for a moment…then I checked the phone and handoff is disabled

What happens if you turn the iPhone completely off? Can you get past the time the demonic spirits would usually take over your ATV?

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Thanks. Sorry, should have said that I tried that last night for about 30 minutes and had uninterrupted playback…hence my theory.

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I randomly had my Apple TV pause yesterday as well. I had been using my phone a bit but not sure why it paused. Was able to resume and no further issues.

By default, you can control playback of any linked Apple TV on your iPhone (whether content is playing in Infuse or any other ATV app). You can access this feature by following the flow shown in the screenshots below.

What would cause your ATV to stop playback when you’re not even touching your phone?

An 8yo in the next room playing on your iPad? :man_shrugging:


Who’d be joining the dog in the back yard dog house! LOL


For me the whole family was watching the movie and it just randomly paused :man_shrugging:t3:

Is it pausing or stopping and returning back to the preplayback screen?
@munpip214 and @Philip_Roy both.

Just a pause but I don’t remember timeline showing or anything. Kinda weird. First time it’s happened that I remember.

Maybe try setting your Auto Lock under the display settings on your iPhone to never and see if the ATV keeps going.

It’s just me in the house. I wasn’t attempting to use the phone at all…I was (as mentioned) surprised that it was even showing what I was playing on the Apple TV considering it was a new phone when I picked it up.

It is effectively pausing…just stopping dead in…not returning to any other screen.

I’ll try tonight but auto lock is currently set to 2 mins and often it is 5-10 mins before it happens. BTW, once again tried turning my phone off last night and got uninterrupted play while it was completely off.

It’s like the iPhone “thinks” it’s the one doing the playback and not the Apple TV…and after auto lock, I suspect it is powering down further and that is causing playback to stop on the Apple TV?

Again, this is all very odd.

Looks like it is auto-lock on the phone.

I disabled it and watched a 30 minute programme without interruption. Turned it back on to 2 minutes auto lock and about 6 minutes into another episode, playback stopped. And yes, it takes a bit longer than the setting on the phone to stop, but it is stopping.

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If it was me, I’d give Apple a call and ask what’s going on. It’s repeatable and they may have a simple answer.

There are so many settings in the new OSs it’s a SWAG to figure out which is causing the problem.

Thanks for sticking with the trouble shooting. :+1:

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Is that an option that’s ever been available?!

U.S. technical support: (800) APL–CARE (800–275–2273)