I own Infuse Pro 6 Lifetime, cant upgrade to free 7 Pro

I have the Lifetime 6 Pro version, but I cant upgrade to the new 7 Pro, all I get is faild restore. Why is that?

Bought via app store 21 july 2021 i see in my purchases on app store

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Which do you see in your purchase history?

Infuse Pro 6
Infuse Pro 6 Purchase


Infuse Pro Lifetime
Infuse Lifetime Sub Purchase

I see the first one, Infuse Pro 6

That is the standalone Infuse 6 Pro and is good for all updates up to but not including V7.

You can continue to use that one as long as future updates to the OS or APIs don’t cause issues. Then you would have to start an Infuse subscription since starting with V7 there is no longer a standalone app.

You can read more about this here. It’s a long thread but it addresses most all questions.

So if I purchase the lifetime sub of infuse 7 pro, i will have free infuse 8, 9 and so on?

Yup. :wink:

Okej, i have the pro now. But why do I have doubles of all my files on infuse?

When you launched V7 did you just wait for it to sync with iCloud or did you add the shares again? If you added the shares again you probably doubled up things. Look at the Shares setting and see if you have two of the same shares.

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Also, just FYI V6 and V7 won’t sync with each other for watched status so if you run both things may be different on the two. I’d recommend sticking with one and deleting the other just to avoid confusion. :wink:

Yes i have deleted the v6. All my blu-rays are riped on my NAS. Maybe i have to unmark icloud sync to not get doubles.

It would be better to delete the duplicate share.

I have purchased the Infuse Pro 6 lifetime. I tried to upgrade to Infuse 7 but the App Store wanted me to buy the App. What gives? I thought Infuse 7 was free to those who purchased Infuse Pro 6?

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To clarify a bit, there is either the “Infuse 6 Pro” which is a stand alone app or the “Infuse 6” free version that could have an in app subscription to pro. Those subscription options are monthly, yearly, or lifetime.

Which of the version pics above do you see in your purchase history?

I started out with the Free version and upgraded to the Pro version. I do not see any pics to select?

The pics mentioned are in the 2nd post in the thread.

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I have the following pic.

You may want to read this thread from the first post and it will clarify things a bit starting with this post.

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