I need your suggestions!!!!

I have a virgin ATV2 running 4.3.  I don’t have any saved blobs and iFaith is a complete failure.  Should i upgrade to 5.2.1?  Should i try something else to jailbreak if i cannot get my blogs?  I need your help figuring out how best to proceed.  :X

If you’re truely blobless then your only remaining option is tethered 5.2.1

I’d keep trying.


well, if you don’t want to take 5 minutes and read the forum just up grade it

If you have a 4.3, I suggest you to first save your shsh blobs then do whatever firmware you want. Or you can stay with 4.3 untether for now when future iOS 6 or 7 can be untether.

@Roby - Thanks.

@Andy - I have spent 2 days trying to get my blogs from the ATV2.  See my thread here.  http://forum.firecore.com/topic/10235


For what it’s worth, biggie has given it a good shot. I think he needs to find another windoze machine(s) and persevere.

Just for clarity andy, how is it possible to “first save your shsh blobs then do whatever firmware you want”

This is a virgin 4.3 device as I understand it. To me that means it has never been JB’d and has only ever had iOS 4.3 loaded. The very best possible outcome is to pull off 4.3 blobs and jailbreak that and only that iOS version. Notwithstanding, the current tethered upgrade to iOS 5.2.1 and future.


I am over 40+ hours into this and I am tired.  I have decided to just upgrade to 5.2.1 and wait for the untethered jailbreak.  Thanks to all for your help.