I Need Step By Step: Time Capsule and aTV

I’ve installed aTV flash on my apple tv. That was easy. Now, when I go to DVD and then to Network, the Capsule shows up, and is enabled for guest access, but when I choose it and select “guest login” the finder simply restarts.

I need someone to take me step by step through the process of how to get this setup. Thanks!

I’ve got the Time Capsule mounted using SMP, but now my problem is that whenever I click on “Files” then choose “Movies” (since that’s the name of the folder), I get the nice little apple logo and a spinning beachball. I had it working earlier, but then made the mistake of turning off my Apple TV which apparently messed it all up. Whenever I go to “Recent Files” and choose one of the movies from earlier they still work fine. It’s just there is no library under “Files” to find movies anymore…just a beachball.