I need help on the new Installation

I bought the Firecore bundle on the 9th. There was no indications that the jailbreak software does not work with the new Appletv version 5.0 - I am now stuck and have purchased the Firecore software and can not use it till they can support the new version. I wish there was a way for Firecore to alert me during the purchasing. Any idea if there is any other way of doing this?


If you check elsewhere in the forums there are ways to roll things back. We are all awaiting the release of the new 5.0 firecore currently.

I am a first time user. What am I supposed to roll back on? My point was for those who are buying the product for the very first time right after the 7th of this moth. What is the point when for the first time user, you can not use the product.


I’m in the same boat here. I just purchased the aTVFlash-black and unable to install it as my ATV2 is at 5.1 IOS.

I’ve tried several ways to revert it back to 4.4.X but no luck so far… :frowning:


I may be missing something, but you do understand that what is being offered by Firecore is assistance to you to hack an Apple TV device in a way NOT recomended by the manufacturer?

So, therefore the firecore bundle it is not a normal form of product - it can’t be assured to work.  I feel you can’t expect too much of firecore here, you are the one deciding to alter the apple TV in a non-standard way, so you are responsible to research this carefully before hand :slight_smile:


I have bought a ATV 3 yesterday and use it as apple intends for now.  If one day a jailbreak is developed for it and also a firecore for it, well and good, but for now I accept that I may only ever get it’s current apple functionality.  It only costs $99 US afeter all…not my life savings !


I think you are missing the point. I have been using this product for over 2 years from the day they starting advertising. I received an Email a day after the release of 5.0 from Firecore to upgrade as it works great with the new apple system. This is not matter of money or not understanding what Firecore does. I am a technology person for over 20 years and do the same thing for other products. I do not like the fact that they send an email for lifetime upgrade and it does not work and NEVER respond to any of my emails either.