I need help from someone with LG OLED Tv and ATV (subtitles tearing/flickering)

English is not my main language, so I use subtitles in all content I watch: Netflix, infuse etc. I discovered that every time I use LG’s TruMotion to smooth out motion judder, my subtitles become strange. They are not completely sharp all the time, some kind of “tear” appears when there is fast motion on the screen, behind the subs.

It does not matter which TruMotion setting is activated, it can be set on 0 or 10, if it’s active, problems with subtitles appear. Only external subs have this problem in Infuse. Integrated subs from blurays are fine.

I don’t know how to explain what happens, will try to film it. But for now: if there is a still scene in the movie, subs are perfect, if one of the charcters in the movie, let’s say, moves a hand behind the subtitle, or run, or just walks, they will distord, flicker, loose shape for a split second. It has to be something with how LG motion processing is handling Apple’s subtitle layer on top of the content. It is happening really fast.

Can someone with LG and Apple TV try to recreate this problem so I can see that it’s not problem with my ATV/LG. Just play any movie in infuse, download any subtitle from integrated opensubtitles option, turn On TrueMotion, put it on 3 or 4, and watch the movie keeping an eye on subtitles when there is a motion on screen. If you notice tear/flickering, thank you. You helped me. :confused:


I turned TruMotion on my lg oled and the same thing happens. This is probably something weird with LG that can’t be fixed with infuse. If I get a chance I’ll try it with my zidoo media player to see if it happens there as well. I’ll test with regular subtitle as well as pgs

I have an LG OLED and LCD, and their motion processing is what I would call “not good.” It’s best to completely turn off TruMotion and instead use the refresh rate switching that the ATV4/ATV4K does.

Turn off truemotion and just keep Real cinema ON in LG settings and dynamic range and frame rate ON in Apple TV settings.

Never liked using truemotion it gives a soap opera effect, but I know some people like it.

Thank you. I feel better now knowing that same problem can be replicated on another setup. LG’s internal Netflix app, which uses Netflix subtitle layer is not having a problem with TrueMotion ON, so it is a conflict between TvOS from Apple and LG’s motion processing. I’ll try to contact Apple about it, but yeah… right. :wink:

For now I’ll leave TruMotion Off in infuse, but I must admit that with it set to 2 or 3, I really like the picture/motion. Its not too agressive to produce soap opera effect yet on 2/3, but the judder on paning shots is more closer to premium LCD TV’s, a bit softer.

I guess it’s how the subtitles blend with the video information around them.

I’m not seeing this type of artifact with normal content, it does happen with infuse, though. I would say that it could be improved if some kind of aliasing was modified.

What is happening is that the video layer and subtitle layer are being rendered separately. This is probably causing the issue (a problem with true motion). You won’t see this of subtitles are “burned” into the video. Netflix probably uses pgs subtitles which are rendered differently.