I need a simple&quality music file player solution. Not sure about aTV1

I want  to play 500 Gb - 1Tb of FLAC and mp3 music files trough my hifi set.

I already have aTV1 and hard disk drivers, so aTVflash looks like a straightforward solution.

I like the simple aTV interface,  but only used it yet to play the same music library and playlists of my iphone.

I have searched

 through the forum, but still have one fundamental question.

The main storage would be used for syncing some sporadic films and video, photos, and the music in the iphone. Similar use as now.

The music collection would be in the hard disk drive connected through USB. 

I prefer not to tag and sync 500 Gb through iTunes.

 I prefer other music file manager software.



Would it be posible to play files, playlists and shuffle trough the usual, simple aTV music player from the HDD as second storage?





In short: Is it posible to play gapless FLAC from the external hard drive with the original player, or should I access files one by one through NITO TV?