I might be gifted a new Mac Mini M1

If it’s not the same then your Yamaha is doing additional processing on top of the audio signal or the Apple TV is doing something to it (reduce loud sounds, etc).

Regardless I don’t think you can bitstream full uncompressed 7.1+atmos files from a Mac at this time.

Yeah, the idea of using a Mac Mini and have the same expectations as if it were an ATV4K is flawed. This post has been derailed a bit over LPCM / DTS MA or Dolby Digital True HD better or the same.

All setting in my Yamaha pre/pro are set to properly, no impeding of dynamic range or an accidental music enhancement setting applied. The only processing done is the DSP fields that I use, and that wouldn’t change when comparing Plex to Infuse 7 during the test.

Here’s a review of the dune hd vision which supports Dolby vision playback

According to the review It supports both types of Dolby vision profile 7 so it can play back full dual layer Dolby vision ISO.

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If I read the spec’s correctly the unit will also pass all audio formats like the Shield, correct?

I know this is an Android device, but I haven’t seen any documentation that it will support Plex.

It’ll pass all audio formats. It’s a full theatre media player. I don’t think it’ll support plex as a backend. You could always ask in their forums.