I might be gifted a new Mac Mini M1

Will the current Mac Mini M1, not the MX1, be a better client than the first generation ATV4K? How I mean better is, will it be able to handle video and audio better than my first generation ATV4K. I would like to know because if it is equal to or better, I will be able to move my ATV4K to another viewing area to use and enjoy the Infuse app.

Edit: Currently the ATV4K is in the main theater room and the only streaming device, so the pressure is on to come up with a decision fireCore community :slightly_smiling_face:

The ATV4K is designed exclusively for entertainment to your TV and is optimized with an intuitive interface for that. The mini is a personal computer that can run some of the same programs and more and has a personal computer interface. Would others in your family operate it? If yes, would they be comfortable enough to use a computer instead of a clicker?

What about remotes?

What would you expect to gain by going to the mini?

If you had something on the mini that you wanted to go to the theater why not just airplay it if that is needed.


We forgot about one more thing, the Mac Mini will not (like the MacBook AIR or PRO) set the proper refresh rate depending on the displayed content, if you have 24fps movies the Mac Mini will still drive display with 60Hz refresh and thus resulting in not optimal playback, this is something the ATV4 and higher can do resulting in fluid video playback, so there is something to consider also…

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Stick with the atv or better yet move to a platform that is actually dedicated to providing a proper home theatre experience (Dune, Zidoo, etc). Apple and Disney have a lot in common. They’re beholden to their share holders and will only provide products and services that help advance their agenda (aka pushing their products onto others).

Check out the competitors; their hardware is far better suited for a proper home theatre experience (Lossless Atmos and DTS-X, full frame packed 3D etc).

Wow, time to pull the brakes on having this sent then. Maybe I should ask for a new ATV4K 2nd gen unit instead. I appreciate all of your detailed feedback and honesty.

I’m gonna go have a sad moment now.

Is a Dune or Shield available in Japan, that’s where it would come from.

I love Apple by the way, I had a Shield Pro it sounded great but the interface was soooo bad.

It depressed me.

The TV app on the mini is not going to have all the apps that you have on your Apple TV.

I suppose you could sideload the apps, but I don’t know if the Apple TV app talks to those apps then.

Unless you need the mini as a computer, it might make more sense to sell it and buy an actual Apple TV streaming device.

They indicate free world wide shipping.

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That was part of the equation to have the Mini as an additional and portable computer and as a substitute for the ATV that is in my main theater room. After all the feedback, it is most likely I’ll hold off on the Mini. I’ll have to look into the Dune HD obviously bitstream is a priority, but the interface on the Dune has to look better than the Nvidia Shield.

FYI This only matters if you are going to do UHD 4K with True HD atmos or DTS:X. Otherwise infuse can decode signals to pcm with no loss in quality.

Yeah, I know Infuse can pass pcm. I really like the Dolby and dts codecs. To me it sounds better than pcm.

And what would the difference be?

The sound. Dolby and dts have their own sound which I can hear the difference in.

How are they different? PCM is just decoded Dolby. Infuse has the licensed Dolby software the same as your receiver so they should be identical.

Like I said, to me they are all sonically different. I notice a difference, I noticed it when watching a local asset that was in dts ma 7.1 on a Shield Pro and compared it on the ATV passed as lpcm.

“Infuse has the licensed Dolby software the same as your receiver so they should be identical”
But yet I get lpcm

Using the licensed decoder from Dolby, that’s why it’s the same.

Is this when I use my Plex server or only unique with Infuse?

One thing that might be different is if you have source-based settings on your receiver. Usually these are unique per source and audio type. So you might have forced stereo for pcm and upscaling atmos for true hd. You will want to make sure these are all the same before doing a sound comparison. But as said before it is the same decoding whether receiver or infuse. Plex through infuse will also be the same. Plex through another app may not.

How do you mean “source based settings” on my receiver? I have a Yamaha pre/pro and use Yamaha’s proprietary DSP sound fields.

Edit: it always displays PCM. I used to force the ATV4K to output DD5.1 when I wasn’t watching Dolby Atmos content via Netflix or iTunes library, and then the receiver would display DD.

It’s not the same.