I love the Artwork for the cast & crew and being able to click on their name!

I assumed from the placeholders that we had cast/crew information coming. I was very excited to see that become available!!!

One suggestion is that it would be great if Infuse showed other shows/movies in their credits that I don’t have. The question “what do I know them from?” can’t be answered if I don’t have anything else with them in it. It would be fine (to me) if Infuse did a query at the time of clicking their name (or even a “what else are they in” button). Artwork isn’t even necessary, a list of shows (in date order) would be great to answer that question(obviously artwork would be great but I’m not sure what kind of database access that would require). I suppose if just the text was stored locally, it wouldn’t take much space.

Thank you for constantly improving an already great product!
Gary LaPointe

Glad you are enjoying the update! :slight_smile:

There is a suggestion thread linked below which would provide a more detailed bio page for actors, which may be something interesting to explore in the future.

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