I Love Lucy on Infuse

I just started adding the “I Love Lucy” series for my home network and using Infuse to watch it. Why is Infuse not recognizing this series and converting the Seasons and Episodes to standard layout like it does with other TV series. For instance, it’s showing the name of the episodes like this:

“ILoveLucyS05E17” when it should normally show it like “I Love Lucy Season 5 Episode 17”. It does it correctly for other shows but for this one it’s just taking on the same name as the .mkv file. Can anyone help? Do I need to change the file name? Thanks

Looks like the file name needs some spaces to start with. Try “I Love Lucy S05E17.mkv”. This name was recognized right away for me.

Thanks, it worked. It seems the discs are not in the same order though with the episodes because the disc contains Episode 1 as “The Lost Pilot” making the numbering all wrong. What did you do with that one? I just changed it to “I Love Lucy S01E00” but Infuse then keeps it as a separate folder.

thetvdb.com where Infuse gets its TV series Metadata has that as a special which should use S00E01 in its name.