I KNOW this has been said MANY times before but

What the HELL has happened to streaming?

For months I have had no issues at all, not a one! But for the last two/three weeks any large file, 20GB+ stalls every few minutes to buffer. All of my video library is laid to waist (figuratively speaking). I’ve read numerous responses from the FireCore team saying this is a network issue and in their testing all is good. OK, there is countless variables that will attest to stalls but for a HUGE amount of people, myself included, this just doesn’t cut it. I pay for this, and this product doesn’t work. My network is solid, I may not be a network engineer expert but my long career as a front-end web designer and developer I know for a FACT that my network speeds are not the issues for me. My Asus RT-AC68U is shifting 174Mbps down, STRONG signal (-42dBm) over a 5GHz line and all is not good.

I love this app but if I’m paying for a service I expect that service to work, and this is not working. I’ve used Plex in the past, and it was a relative hassle, compared to Infuse, to set up and have a server running on another Mac. I would prefer to stay with Infuse but if it dons’t work there isn’t really much point in spending money on it.

Infuse people, help me help you, you app is AWESOME, but something is a miss.

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Works perfect here, even 4k remuxes. Sounds like a networking issue.

Since this is your first post we don’t really have any idea of what you are running or how you have anything set up so with what you’ve provided it does sound like a network issue on your end.

Are you by any chance connecting via SMB?

Sorry, I should have given some extra info.

I have an Apple TV 4. Yes I’m running this via SMB. All the files are .mkv and are around 30GB. Everything is wireless. Router is RT-AC68U. The media drive is directly attached to the router via USB 3.

Then you may want to try the SMB version selection options that were introduced in 5.6.10. These were added to allow for users to take advantage of newer standards and also allow those who were having good luck with the legacy setting have access to those.

Try all of them and see which works best for you.

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Nice! Thanks for much from the pro tip on the legacy setting. Didn’t see it, didn’t know it was introduced. I might be jumping the gun but I’ve been happily streaming StarWars with NO interruption for the last ~10min.


Do you know what the difference between SMB1,2,3 and legacy?

Firecore did a major rewrite of the SMB part of their software to take advantage of the newer level and it did help many but there were some that couldn’t get the new implementation to work for their specific set up so Firecore added the option to revert to the original SMB implementation to keep everyone happy. I believe that the Legacy was based around SMB2.1 but don’t quote me on that. This whole addition is black magic and voodoo to me. I just know it works for my specific set up.

For the differences in SMB look here for the details. Server Message Block - Wikipedia

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I’ve also had streaming issues, but I’m leaning more towards my ISP. Is it possible some of the changes weren’t entirely localized to SMB sources, so the fault may not be entirely my ISP?

What “NC Bullseye” said, changing the SMB setting to legacy 100% fixed my issue. Not sure that your ISP will hurt your streaming too much but it might be worth looking at - Can’t say it sped up my connection too much but the promise of not recording all you cal logs is nice.