I have the MADCRAN spotlight signal on in the sky!!!

Has anyone experienced uploading a file to the FTP: frontrow@appletv.local/movies and then not being able to remove/delete the file?

This is the message I am getting when I try to delete:

Prohibited file name: /Movies/Changeling/.pureftpd-upload.4988d30c.15.e0.bfaf103b

Come on Madcran… I know you wanna answer me.

It sounds like a permissions issue. If you can not delete a file with Fugu or some other program the I have to go into Terminal and ssh into the Apple TV. Once in there you can run:

sudo rm -r ~/Movies/Changeling/

This will delete all files in the Changeling folder along with the Changeling folder itself. You will have to put in the frontrow password. Also as a warning I also type whenever I give Terminal commands, if you type it wrong you have the possibility of deleting files or folders you didn’t want to. Let me know if that works for you.

P.S. Next time when I arrive, please don’t shine that light in my eyes, you almost made me blind. :lol: Back to my BatCave…I mean my secret lair…I mean my humble house.