I have proplem with infuse

I’m having trouble playing some movies. Previously, I didn’t face any issues like this. I’m connected via the Plex app. Please solve the problem as soon as possible.

What version number of Infuse?

What device and OS number?

What version number of Plex?

infuse Version 7.6.4

My Device Apple tv with tvOS 17.1

im Just connect my plex account with infuse

Errors like this are usually related to a network error, or an issue with the Plex configuration.

Is this a local or remote server? Are you using any sort of VPN or proxy services?

You may try restarting the Plex server and the device Infuse is running on to see if this helps.

This is not local i have remote server and im not use anything like vpn or proxy , in the previous i dont see any proplem with this

This may also appear if the bandwidth settings are set too low on the Plex server.

Since Infuse will always stream videos in their full original quality, it’s usually best to set the bandwidth limit to double the bitrate of the files being played. The reason for this is a file’s listed bitrate will be the average for the entire file, but the actual bitrate can go up and down depending on the portion of the video being played.