I have iplayer and other streaming flash movie apps working

 Hi. After a fair bit of messing around I managed to get iplayer and you tube etc working through xbmc. Once you skin xbmc it is a user friendly as boxee so forget boxee for now if you want flash video streaming and instead follow these instructions.

I use WinSCP to ftp/ssh to my atv box. Use the dharan (sp) xbmc install ie NOT 9.11


Thanks to Mike for original instructions. Hope this helps some other neewbs like it did me.



goto this thread and download hitchers repo: 

ftp the zip file to your atv, pick a folder you will remember (I just put in the atvflash folder)

on xbmc goto:

system -> add-ons -> install from zip file..

locate the hitchers repo (browse to the correct folder on atv - via home and then atvflash) and click it (this should now begin to install)

give it a moment or so untill it says its installed the zip file

once thats done, go back to:

system -> add-ons -> get add-ons -> hitchers repo

when in there select:

video add-ons -> iplayer (this should now begin to download and install)

give it a moment once again untill it says installed.

go back to home and go to:

videos -> video add-ons -> iplayer

hopefully this should work!


Thought there was a lock on IPLAYER (play tool from BBC). That it only works in England, as your IP actual address is used to determine if you are a Great Britain user.

Yes I have heard that there are various VPN network services to give you a virtual connection into England as a work around.