I have Atv2 with 5.2.1 Can i use the new SP to JB?


Hi all,


Exciting news on the 5.3.

Just wondering if i have missed my opportunity here?

I’m currently running 5.2.1 never been JBd before. 

Could someone point me in the direction (if i’m right) all i need to do is download the new vers of Seaosnpass 0.95 and i will be able to JB my Atv2?

Could someone perhasp outline a very brief “how-to” i;m sure there are a lot of 5.2.1 users on here, possibly wondering the same thing??


Thanks in advance for any guidence 




Apple is still signing 5.3, but they won’t be forever.  Waiting may cause you to miss your chance.  Go for it.  Also make sure you save hashes so you can go back if you ever upgrade.   After living on the Tether of 5.3 for so long, I’m looking forward to 6.0.x tethered or untethered.