I have Apple tv 2 with XBMC i can play 3D movie but the subtitles not good :-(


I have Apple tv 2 (black)
i install on it XBMC
i can play my movies 2D very well with subtitles (SRT)
But whan i play 3D Movies and on my TV i choose 2D–>3D than the movie is OK and the subtitles not
how can i fix it?
do you have a ADD-ON to XBMC for it?
if yes, how can i install it in my APLLE TV?
i found xbmc_3d_subtitles_eden.patch AND  xbmc_3d_subtitles_frodo.patch But i dont know how to put it in my Apple TV? how i can use it?
i need your help

thank you