i have a problum with my Apple TV 2


in my PC i Following after this http://support.firecore.com/entries/387605

but i have a Apple TV that i need to “tethered boot”

so, in my room it’s work. i connect the apple tv in my tv on my room and the XBMC work’s everything is fine


i want connect the apple tv to my TV in living room

so i connected the apple tv to my laptop but i cannot choos “tethered boot” :frowning:

how i can take all the setting and SHSH from my PC and copy  to my laptop?

so i can to do “tethered boot” on my laptop and than connect the apple tv to my tv in living room without disconnected the power cable 


Apple tv software 5.3 (6105)

There is a solution for ““tethered boot”” ???
To not be necessary to carry out the
“tethered boot” ?


And you do a great job
Thank you so much for everything

On your laptop follow steps 1 through 4 in the link you gave. When it trys to restore in step 5 stop it. At that point you should be able to tether boot it with your laptop.

Carpenter940, Thank you so much

its works