I have a problem to reinstall de new version 4.0.1

Hi, I too have had problems, after eliminating all traces of the previous version 4.0, I’ve turned down the version 4.0.1 but I get this message whit a new install.

This version of aTv Flash is out of date. Please download the latest version from the aTvFlash.com website.

As you may download the current version and reinstalling I leave this message?

If so many problems is giving this version because we do not give explanations.

I too have had problems with the update whit atv de 2,4,1 version to 3.0 and 3.0.1 and the atv new version.


It sounds like you have an outdated copy. Downloading a fresh copy should get you going.

To locate your download link:

  1. Click the My Account link near the top of any page of our site. (http://www.atvflash.com/)
  2. Log into your account.
  3. Locate your order in the ‘download links’ section and click ‘view’
  4. The download link will be near the bottom of the page