I have a problem to install 3.6.2 in a New Hard Disk upgrade

Hi, excuse-me my english is bad, i am from Spain.

The last week, upgrade my HardDisk of 80gb has be upgrade to a new 320GB!! the operation is correctly, my AppleTv work correctly after you restore, and update to a version 2.4. but when I reinstall the ATV has a message to version expiration reminder 3.6.1.

I downloaded version 3.6.2 and the same stick of updates, resetting the ATV does not load the new update, ATV now has no version installed, because I can not install the old 3.6.1 nor the new 3.6.2.

what is the problem? I’m doing wrong?


Ok, has ben installed the 3.6.2 whit full updates, including smart install, but don’t function this USB for external HD and Stiks for searching folders to external HD.