I have a new ATV2 at 4.0, what can I do to JB it?

Got a new ATV2 at 4.0, any suggestion on how to JB it?

I have another one at 4.4.4, using the intruction of “how to JB 4.4.4 after Apple stop signing the FW”, I am able to JB it without any problem

Can I use the same instruction for my 4.0? 



You can try. I have 4.4.2 but that tutorial didn’t worked for me.

I don’t mind trying, but when it does not work, does it fall into a looping? Or it’s still OK working at the FW version it currently has?

It sucks…:frowning: cause I miss the window of FW signing few days, or else we could just update to 4.4.4 then FB it.



wait for ios5 jb, it will come sooner than you jb your atv on recent fw.