I got a new iPhone. Google Drive files don’t seem to be playing

I got a new iPhone. Google Drive files don’t seem to be playing.

I got an iPhone 12 mini and I used the regular method to transfer my data from my old iPhone to this new one. I opened the infuse app and it seem to all be in place I just had to download some of the metadata artwork. However when I actually try to open the video to play it it just spins in every place. When I go into the settings and go to library and try to do a speed test with a file it never starts. I was wondering if anything needed to be done to “re-sync“ or “refresh“ the connection to my Google Drive account? Otherwise does this mean that I need to remove my Google Drive library and add it back again and will that be adversely impacted in anyway by the existing meta-data that exists on iCloud that has to be sent down?

Did you give infuse permissions to access your local network devices? I know you’re using Google Drive, but it’s a thought. Maybe it’s related somehow

Well never mind, it worked today.

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