I don't want random cover art on family home videos!


I’m new to Infuse, just switched from using the AppleTV 4’s Computer app and bought the v5 Pro app. So far I’m happy with it but…

I want the the ability to turn off “fetch metadata” for my family home videos folder while keeping it enabled for my movie folders. I keep getting random cover art on my family home videos as well as some “matching” movie with cast and etc. What is a way around this? Again I want to turn off “fetch metadata” on home videos but want it enabled on my movies.


Go to the folder containing your home movies and do a ‘long press’ to bring up a menu where you can select ‘Use local metadata’.

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Works great! Thanks :slight_smile:


Can someone please help me with this problem ?
I have the same issue but if i do a long press i get the submenu but without the use local metadata.

What options are you getting?


My options are:

  • change name
  • select artwork
  • hide favorite
  • delete
  • cancel


I don’t know why you’re not seeing the use local option. I’ll have to defer to someone who knows a lot more on settings that would affect this.

Are you by any chance using a DLNA/UPnP share? If so, you may want to try a SMB share and see if that gives you the option you’re looking for.

I dont know.
I connected a harddisk to my router (FritzBox) and i connected Infuse to that harddisk.


ok I got it right.
Did a new install and it works now .


Good deal! :wink:

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