i disabled overflow...

and now i have no more some menus (settings… Nito…) There is a solution? (apart to block my hands for the future :slight_smile: )


If needed you can reinstall Overflow through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu.

Maintenance (was under overflow) it’s one of the menus i dont’ see animore…

I have just come across this - I now have no mainatence menu and cannot perform any updates or installation - did you ever get a solution to this ?


Is Overflow still in the AppleTV menu? If so, you can re-enable Maintenance.

More info here: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Overflow

No, I removed overflow.

just for future reference you need to unhide hidden menus through overflow before you disable or uninstall overflow or they will remain hidden.
i found this out too but luckily i didn’t have the maintenance menu hidden.
this is the issue that this person is having…

So I have to re-install aTV Flash ?

Installing aTV Flash won’t help, as Overflow is install through the Maintenance menu and not the flash drive. It’s possible to install Overflow manually, but it can be a bit tricky. Let me know if you’re up for trying.

I did this to get Overflow back

I had to SSH via terminal on my Mac and type in the following:

apt-get install org.tomcool.overflow

I did this to my AppleTV (black) too, and managed to get everything back using the code above and lots of Googling, so I thought I'd write a step by step instruction of how to unhide Overflow if you've managed to hide some menu options and then uninstall Overflow, leaving everything hidden!


1. You need to SSH into your Apple TV. Open Terminal on your Mac and type:

   ssh root@AppleTV.local

It should ask for a password. If it doesn't you can try connecting to the IP address of the Apple TV (this worked for me). You can find your IP address in the Settings menu of the Apple TV, but if you've hidden that, your wireless router should be able to tell you what devices are connected and what IP address they have.

   ssh root@      (for example)

When it asks for a password, type "alpine" which is the default password if you haven't changed it. 

Finally type

  apt-get install org.tomcool.overflow 

This should reinstall Overflow. When it has finished installing, reboot your Apple TV (I unplugged it and plugged it back in again).


This should restore any hidden menu options that you've lost due to Overflow!


I have silver Apple TV and I have the same problem. Removed overflow and now lost the maintenance menu (and a few others).  Tried ssh as root but the alpine password doesn’t work. What is the root password for silver ATV? How can I manually install Overflow and get the menu items back? Please help…

Thanks in advance.