I’d love to use Infuse with HomePod

Any idea when Infuse will allow video to AirPlay to HomePod (or any other AirPlay speaker)? I hate having to use Apple’s TV app just for this feature. Infuse’s UI And gesture controls are much better.

How to Use Your HomePod as a Speaker for Your Apple TV

What about iPhone/iPad?

Infuse doesn’t currently support audio-only AirPlay streaming, but this is something we’ll be looking into for a future update.

It sure would be great to use Infuse (iOS) with my HomePod. Any idea when this might happen James?

When will Infuse works with HomePod? I just tryng to watch some movies, and simply doesnt work, the audio sync and movie doesnt match then … I have de premium version and im using another app to watch the same files … theres a forecast for an update? I really need it

Are you using Infuse on iOS or the Apple TV?

We have a number of improvements for Infuse on the Apple TV coming soon in 5.7.5.

I’m using on AppleTV, and sounds good thats its comming a new update. Theres a forecast for that? Thanks

Hi, I’m using Iphone and love it.
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Colonel Ajay Ahlawat

Yeah I’d love too, but I send message to developers that get answered me that is coming a new building to adjust this feature issue. ? lets wait

Only one version away :slight_smile:

As long as Apple doesn’t move the bar like they have in the past with changes to the iOS and tvOS. :wink: