I cant watch Movie Trailers

I cant watch any movie trailers on Apple TV, it says it’s and un-recognizable format???

Can anyone help for it was working before I installed ATV Flash!

I have had the exact same problem. But it seems to be intermittent. Some movie trailers (in iTunes) play fine and others give me the “file format unsupported” error message. I even got that same error message when trying to play a movie I had ripped and watched a few times BEFORE I installed ATVFlash.

I powered down the unit and restarted. That seems to help, but didn’t fix it 100%.

I have also had movies that work fine in iTunes on the computer but when played on the ATV they are choppy, jittery looking. Slow simple parts of the movie play smooth but action parts get choppy. Out of the 70 movies I have RIPed, and the 10 I have purchased through iTunes this is the only one that gives me trouble, could be the movie . . .

ATVFlash seems to have added a lot to my ATV but it has also made it very temperamental. I am on the fence about removing it and resetting the ATV to the factory specs. Normally I do not use “work-a-rounds” or hacks on my Mac’s because of problems like this.

I ended up connecting my Mac Mini to the TV with a DVI to HDMI cable, I now use the ATV mostly just for movies. I use the Mini for HULU.

I’m having exactly the same problem. At first I though maybe I had inadvertantly turned off H264 support but this was not the case. Interestingly TV show previews are fine.

I’ve only just installed ATV Flash for the first time. I have taken my ATV back to the orginal firmware and reflashed it but still the same problem.

Would be interesting to see how many others have the same issue.

It seems to be an issue affecting many AppleTV users (with or without aTV Flash installed).

Is it affecting all trailers for you, or only a few?

I had the same problem until I disabled Hotspot Shield and Tunnelblick.

I’ve come up against the same problem today. And I don’t have any VPN clients running so I don’t think its that.

Seems to affect all trailers. All was fine before I installed ATV Flash. I have tried uninstalling it and going back to the original firmware then taking the Apple TV up to 3.0.1. All trailers work then work. Re-install ATV Flash… no trailers.

The Apple TV is one of the first 160GB models so software when taking it back to factory default is version 1 if that helps.

This seemed to be an issue with Apple’s servers and nothing to do with aTV (there was a fairly long thread on the Apple Support Forums from Apple TV users having the same problem.)

It now seems to have been righted as I can play standard and HD trailers on my aTV whereas UI couldn’t a couple of weeks ago.