I can't put subtitles of my own


I usually have an .avi file with the name of the movie, and a .srt file with the subtitle of it.

\Avatar (2009).avi
\Avatar (2009).srt

When choosing for subtitles on Infuse, I have the message “None” and “More…”.

When pushing more, I have plenty of subtitles from opensubtitles.org, but I can’t play my own file located in the same folder than the .avi.

How can I play the movie with my own subtitle file?

Thanks in advanced.

what connection method are you using to connect from Infuse to your NAS?

Same problem than in the other post. When including the folder using smt connection, I can now watch my own subtitles.

Thanks a lot.

sorry for my ignorance but, could you tell me what is smt connection? im interested on using my own .srt subs as well…