I can't play DVD Folders and No DTS-HD sound on mkv

I updated to version 7. I was using 6, but not much or any in the last 8 months…
And I change some things…
I’m using Emby server at the moment on a Android Device (for testing)
DVD iso’s play well
mkv 4K play well
DVD folders structure don’t play ¿?

On MKV with DTS-HD 7.1 or any DTS my Processor (Marantz 8802A) says is LPCM (Multi-In), and doesn’t detect as a real DTS bitstream

I don’t know where the problem is. Emby or Infuse.?

I have 500 DVD (some Iso’s but most of them are in Folders Structure) and 200 mkv’s from my BluRay collection.
Kodi plays well (dvd folders too) on my Android Device and Marantz detect sound perfectly but since Kodi on AppleTv is a very tricky to install …

I wanted another option so I’m trying Emby… but if Plex is better and solve this issues let me know…


Playing DVD folders is not supported on some connection types as mentioned here

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Infuse will not bitstream DTS and always convert to LPCM. It’s an Apple iOS/TvOS limitation.

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Thank you for the information, I read before this post, but the post mentioned some types, where I can find a full documentation about this, Do you know?
Do you know if Plex can Play DVD Folders? Cheers

Oh I see, I hoped there were no imposing by iOS limitation… shame.
Thanks for clarifying.

I believe DVD folders are only supported via SMB/FTP/nfs connection.