I cant jailbreak Apple Tv 2 with SeasonPass!


I buy a Apple TV 2G with firmware 5.1 and im trying jailbreak using SeasonPass, but only got the message “this device isnt eligible for the requested build” or “The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored, because the file with the software is not compatible” when seasonpass restore automatic to 5.2.

The firmware 5.1 can jailbreak untethered, but i cant with season pass!




save your shsh blobs and use snowbreeze to create a signed ipsw to restore

I cant save that shsh because apple is not signing my fimware.

I can jailbreak with other method? I know i have a untethered firmware bur i cant jailbreak with seasonpass, HELP MEEER

I understand you are a Noob, but you need to learn to read. Regardless of whether Apple is signing… This is how you jailbreak when Apple stops signing. 

Use iFaith to dump your shsh blobs use v1.5.4, v1.5.5 is buggy. Then download the latest sn0wbreeze master to create a signed ipsw using your shsh saved from iFaith.

Thanks for your help, only one more question…

When i got a custom firmware with smowbreeze, then use seasonpass? Where i put the firmware? Or trying to restore manually with itunes?

Thanks a lot!!!

I have a new problem…my version is 5.0 (iOS 5.1 - 9B179b) and its only tethered.

Can i update to other firmware and jailbroke then? The last apple tv firmare is untethered??? I donr have ant shsh in my computer!


No you cannot update at the moment unless you already have saved shsh blobs for the target release as Apple is now only signing the 5.2.1 release and there is no current jailbreak for that release.   You will have to wait until (if) SeasonPass (or another jailbreaking tool) is updated to be able to jailbreak a release that Apple is still signing.

any updates on the 5.2.1 Jailbreak?

I have an ATV2 with iOS 5.2 non-jailbroken…
SHSH blobs are safed with iFaith and pre-signed firmware file is build with sn0wbreeze.
Restore to it works.

How do it get Seas0nPass to use this file instate to download a new one?
The pre-jailbroken iOS file from Seas0nPass can not pre-signed with sn0wbreeze…

have the same problem… how i can get seas0npass use my presigned firmware?

this should help you out: http://forum.firecore.com/topic/7279



that process does not work. you end up with an error (-1)

use sn0wbreeze. it is working without fail


Thanks hope it works when i try it out

If i use seasonpass i get the 1604 error in itunes … why?

I’m also seeing error 1604.


seasonpass will not work. you need to use snowbreeze. you need to dump your blobs using ifaith then create a signed ipsw using snowbreeze.

i did too and i didnt work … since 10 min i am waiting for the start of the recovery of my atv2 in itunes.


i mean snowbreeze not seasonpass… i used snowbreeze and get the error 1604 … and sometimes 1601

hmm … how long will the check with apple at the beginng of the recovery take?

Thank you! Worked perfect. 

how does it work at ur apple tv? i alaway get the error …

You need to download for new snowbreeze v2.9.13