I can't get parental control to work properly

I have been looking very much forward to the new parental control feature. But unfortunately it’s currently useless, otherwise I just don’t know how it works.

Right now it’s just restricting every movie in my library. I have tried to use a lot of diffent settings, but it just keeps restricting almost very movie.

I just want it restrict a small amount of movies, like age 11 or 13 category (or at least that’s what it’s called in my country)

To do this, you would place a check mark next to all the ratings you want to play without having to enter a PIN code.

This can be found in the Infuse > Settings > Parental Controls > Allowed Movie Ratings menu.

I guess I tried that. I have checked and unchecked every box, but as long as I check one of them, all my movies becomes restricted. Lets say i’m checking the “unrated” box, then every movie in my database becomes restricted.

I can post a screenshot later.

Try checking ALL of the boxes EXCEPT the ratings you want to require a pin. The way james explained it is that when you check a rating, that rating CAN be played without a pin code. The rest of the list that IS NOT checked WILL require a pin code.

I’m just guessing but I too read it backwards a few times before I realized how it’s supposed to work per james’ post.

I think I understand what you’re saying. I should check the boxes on the ones I would like to be able to watch without pin-code.

You can watch this video to see how its reacting: - YouTube
I do apologize for the danish language. The menu “Godkendte vurderinger” is “Allowed Movie Ratings” in english.

There are separate settings for movies and TV shows.

In Danish, the movie ratings can be set via the ‘Aldersgrænser’ option.

In english the translations are ‘Allowed Movie Ratings’ and ‘Allowed TV Show Ratings’ - so it’s possible there may be a more efficient way to translate this in Danish.

Ah… Now I see! It all makes sense.
And yes, this could be translated different. As it is now, it’s actually got two different meanings, and it sounds something like: “age restrictions” and “allowed ratings”. So in my understanding you restrict one place, and allow in the other.

Furthermore, we do not have this letter-rating system in Denmark (and the rest of Europe?) where we use ages like 7, 11, 15 and 18.
So right now there’s no way to see, that one setting is for tv-shows, and one for movies. But I’m glad I found out :slight_smile:


Infuse 5.3 does include support for localized movie ratings, however this would only apply to new content or videos you use the ‘Edit’ option on as this will refresh the metadata. Of course you could refresh info for all your files via the Settings > Clear All Metadata option, but that may be a bit extreme.

PS - If you happen to have a translation suggestion for the allowed rating options I’d be happy to pass them along. :wink:

Cool - I’ll be loooking for that option.

You could simply call it: “Tilladte aldersgrænser film” (for movies) and “Tilladte aldersgrænser TV serier”
That would be easier.

Thanks for the tip James; after a reset of the metadata the age restrictions change to the ones thats used in my region.

It doesn’t seem to work for German metadata. I have set Metadata Language to German and reset Metadata of my movies. Afterwards I still can only grant access to “not rated” or all movies. I have completely tagged my movies and the Apple TV 4 media player minds these settings.