I Can't ftp nor SSH (Windows 7 User)


Something very weird happened today… Yesterday I was able to ftp from my windows PC using FileZilla but today all I get when I want to ftp is this log:

Connecting to…
Status:    Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Error:    Connection timed out
Error:    Could not connect to server

I can sftp though but sftp connection is too slow, with ftp I can transfer at 2MB/s on the other hand sftp is only 320 Kbit/s

Don’t you think it is very weird that 24 hours before ftp was working fine and 24 later is not?


I also can’t SSH through PUTTY, it says access denied but a few days ago I borrowed a MAC and I could SSH using the MAC terminal and I could also ftp using Cyberduck, so… Why I can’t SSH and ftp on windows but I can do it on a MAC?


I have tried to solve this problem by running the patchstick again (I did 3 times) but nothing changes.


Anyone knows how can I solve this issue?


Thanks in advance.

I’m having the same issue. I thought it was my computer.