I can't find this TV series on Infuse


I try keyword ‘taxi time taxi’ ‘了不起的選 TAXI’ ‘素敵な選 TAXI’ and no result.

I can use thetvdb or themoviedb find this tv series on website, but I can’t find this on infuse, can you support id fetch?

How are these videos named? A bit more info on the supported naming styles for TV shows can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

If you’re using a different naming style, Infuse will treat the video as a movie and you won’t be able to search for TV show metadata.

But I search TV episodes for edit info, still can’t find this episodes.

It would still help out if you could provide an example of exactly how you have the files named. Sometimes the name can really wreak havoc with the metadata fetching.


I can’t say for sure but I’d say that without the “Season” number it’s trying to put each episode as a movie and won’t even look at any TV series. I don’t know what the non English parts are but you might try changing the names to include both “season” and the correct prefix for “episode” (“E” not “EP”) you may have better luck. I’m not the expert on this stuff, just someone who’s gone through tons of trial and error on the naming convictions for Infuse.

For example, change “TAXI.Time.Taxi.EP01.720p.HDTV.H264-OneHD.ts” to "TAXI.Time.Taxi.S01E01.720p.HDTV.H264-OneHD.ts

This may get the right info without having to search or at least make it where it searches for TV programs instead of movies only.

Good luck!

Ok, I just did a test and got it working as advertised. For the folder that you have the individual episodes in, name that “Time Taxi” (without the quotation marks) and for the files, name them “Time.Taxi.S01E01.720p.HDTV.H264-OneHD.ts” without the quotes also and also without the non English characters making sure to change the episode number for each as needed.

Note I also removed the first “TAXI” in the name so it’s now just “Time.Taxi.S01E01…”

This results in Infuse and thetvdb are both finding and displaying the correct metadata for this show.

Once you have changed the names you may have to go to one of the episodes in Infuse and edit the metadata. Infuse finds the file right away for me and then has only one suggestion which is the correct one to select and let Infuse rebuild the metadata for the series.

It will show the name of the series on the folder as “Suteki na Sentaxi” even though you named it “Time Taxi” and it will also show the episodes with that name and individual episode name.

This should fix your issues.

ok, thank you very much for your help.

You’re very welcome. Let me know if it works for you.

Yes, It’s work.
But I still hope I can use ID to quick fetch infomation, because id can easy find, but find correct episodes info will face many difficulties.

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