I can't find the life subscription

My yearly subscription expires soon, so I checked for the price of the life subscription but… It isn’t available in Italy? I get only the monthly and yearly subscription options. Will the life subscription become alive once my current subscription expires?

And since we are here… Any discount for upgrading from yearly to life subscription? :smiley:

Honestly, I love Infuse, and I am praising it a lot in the Internet. But guys if you are expensive!! I know, I know… I am a cheap b… :wink:

You can switch from yearly/monthly to lifetime by selecting the ‘View Subscription’ option in Infuse > Settings. Since the lifetime license is a one-time purchase, it technically isn’t a subscription so it won’t appear in the Subscriptions section of the App Store.

After purchasing a lifetime license, be sure to cancel your existing monthly/yearly subscription (Infuse will remind you to do this, but we don’t have a way to do it for you).

Hope this helps!

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Ahh… Ok. Thanks James.

I must be a bit of a thickie- but I cannot find where to change to a lifetime in Infuse Pro - bought the pro upgrade inside Infuse 5 last year…


When you go to settings > view subscription what do you see?

I have no view subscriptions option in my settings menu in Infuse :slightly_frowning_face:


The way I understand it is if you have no orange view subscription option in settings then you either have the Infuse Pro that is a one time purchase and only for Version 5 and i’ts sub updates or you have the Infuse with in app purchases and you have paid your lifetime already.

If you go to the ATV app store and go to the purchased tab, then scroll down to “Entertainment” and then in that section, scroll down to Infuse you will have either “Infuse 5” or “Infuse Pro 5”. (If you by chance have both then you have both a paid single version as well as a subscription version. You’ll then need to click on each and see if the app store gives you the option to “Open” or to install from the cloud. That will tell you which you have loaded on the ATV.)

The Infuse 5 is the one that is subscription based and will show the orange “View Subscriptions” unless you have purchased the “Lifetime” and then it will no longer have the view subscription option since it’s then a lifetime subscription.

If you have the Infuse Pro 5 then that is not one that can be updated to lifetime, it’s a one version purchase.

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