I can't figure out how to connect Infuse Pro over the internet to my pc (without plex don't want to use plex sorry) to stream

I will buy Infuse Pro if I can figure this out. I don’t want to use plex sorry. I just want to be able to see a folder on my pc remotely like I would if I am connected to my pc remotely locally.

I have Windows 10 Pro btw.

You’ll need to open up ports on your firewall for Microsoft SMB sharing. You will also need to have wicked fast upload speeds on your internet connection (at least 100Mbps or more for 4K).

Alternately you could also set up a VPN to connect back to your home. This would either be setup on your router if it supports it or you could run it on your PC and open the ports on your router.

Either option will require some googling to get setup.

I know this. I done the VPN method before on my other ISP but didn’t have fast enough upload. Now we have 1 Gbps download and 1 Gbps upload but our current router/gateway doesn’t support VPN.

Is there anyway to host a VPN on my pc instead?

Also is opening ports for Microsoft SMB sharing unsafe?

Yes opening SMB ports is unsafe.


This explains how to setup open VPN server on windows. You’ll need the OpenVPN app for iOS to connect.

You’ll also need to forward openvpn ports/protocols to your windows 10 PC.