I cannot play any MKV files anymore?

Hi Guys @james
I cannot play virtually any MKV files on my Apple TV 4k through Infuse Pro vs6. I have been using infuse for a few years now and the Pro version has never really let me down until recently when overnight it just decided it did not want to play the majority of my collection anymore (98%) ?

The only thing that is relatively new or changed to the system is the addition of an LG OLED TV… I also had to change a few settings to get the existing SONOS surround sounds system to work with the new TV. Everything worked fine at first with Infuse and Apple TV so can’t understand why overnight it just decided to not play MKV’s anymore.

I have tried forgetting NFS shares to my Synology NAS and dumping Meta Data but still no change… does anybody know what might have changed?


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Sorry you’re having problems, what happens when you try to play an MKV file? You say

what do you mean the majority? Does it play some MKV files?

Also you said you are using the pro version, are you using the subscription in the free app or did you purchase the stand alone version of Infuse pro 6?


Thanks for your reply NC_Bullseye


It just says ‘an error ocurred loading this content’.

Yes some MKV files will play, weirdly it’s the latest HDR type MKV’s (large files size) that will play.

I believe it’s vs 6 Pro as an in app purchase from the Appstore (paid yearly).


You may want to check that your subscription is still running and also check that you’re signed in on the correct apple account that you have the subscription.

If all of that is correct you may want to try a restart of the ATV and see if that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Just double checked and yeah… all subscribed and paid up intil Sept 2020 for the Pro version. Made sure I am signed in. Also tried a restart but no joy.

The whole things is just so weird :confused:

It looks like it might be a protocol issue… I have always used NTFS (as it loads meta faster than SMB) but have just tried adding an SMB connection to my Synology NAS and that seems to have worked (albeit with slow loading Meta).
Truth be told I am now wandering if any other Infuse users are having any issues with playback via an NTFS connections? I am guessing that this might be due to an update to infuse or my Synology NAS.

I assume you mean NFS? NTFS is a file format. Anyways I have not updated my synology but I am using latest infuse with NFS and no problem

If its not working you may want to send a diadnostic report and paste the code here

When in settings, scroll down to the bottom


Yes sorry I meant NFS. I definitely preferred it when it all worked fine with NFS as everything felt faster, even the delay in starting to play movies has increased quite drastically under SMB. It’s not the end of the world having to use SMB but can’t understand why this just happened overnight… maybe it’s something to do with a synology update to the NAS (don’t believe I’ve got auto updates on).


Yeah thanks… I think that might be the only way forward as it doesn’t look like anyone else is having the same issue… so is more than likely something to do with my router or NAS.

You wouldn’t by chance have your videos on a Mac? I recently did the same thing. I added Sonos surrounds, an I have an LG OLED and an Apple 4K as well as a regular Apple TV

I found the Mac doesn’t seem to play nice with an ethernet and WiFi setup to the same network. That fixed everything

Just a thought, an easy test would be to go into the share settings on Infuse and change the SMB from Auto to “2” and if that doesn’t make any difference try “Legacy”. Perhaps the NAS is using 3 and the security overhead is coming into play.

Also just glanced over your posts and didn’t see if you were using WiFi or Ethernet but if it’s WiFi you may want to try a temporary connection with an Ethernet cable and if you’re using Ethernet try a different cable. I’ve had Wifi connections go bad overnight do to objects being moved in the area (not connected to the LAN but metal and close).

No not on a Mac buddy. The files are all stored on a synology NAS and im using an ethernet connection to my Apple TV… after doing some more research it seems that quite a few other people are experiencing the same issue with Infuse refusing to even try to play many of my MKV’s over NFS… any ideas please @james otherwise i’m thinking of ditching my Infuse subscription and just buy a newer Synology NAS that can transcode my films buddy?

Thanks for the idea buddy but I’m trying to avoid SMB due to it’s limitations.
In the meantime using SMB it will at least play my movieswhich is a temp fix… but once you have been used to using NFS it’s really irrating how much slower things are using the SMB protocol.

Yes i’m using ethernet but also tried WiFi just incase it was somthing to do with the router.