I can no longer connect to my NAS

Same here! My files are stored on a Apple Time Capsule. Wasn’t able to access then via Apple TV 4K; iPhone; or iPad. Tried to uninstall the app on the iPad and reinstalled it, now everything is working on all of the devices.

It’s possible tvos/ios14 gimped up some permissions and a reinstall fixed it.

I have noticed the new Apple TV refresh seems to be causing issues with the reliability of an airplay connection too (I cant broadcast from YouTube at the moment, it keeps crashing)

I am also having issues with YouTube and airplay speakers so maybe they did an app update that broke something, not necessarily just Apple TV.

Wonder if this happened to play a part in the problem

I don’t have any issues with airplay. Reboot your router. Maybe you’re having some sort of mDNS issue.

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