I Bought an ATV 2 with aTV Flash a while back when 5.3 was tethered

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I hope this gets to the right person who can help me.

Basically I bought a tethered ATV 2 on 5.3 before 5.3 was un-tethered.

So, when i bought my tethered 5.3 ATV 2, it had aTV Flash on it.

Then i heard that seas0pass had been updated to being un-tethered running 5.3.

Naturally the first thing i wanted to do and did straight away was upgrade my ATV 2 with the new seas0npass by just running it over what was already there, therefore loosing all the aTV flash software and using Nito Installer for NitoTV and XBMC.

So what I’m asking, when you purchase the aTV Flash software. Can you recover it from Firecore somehow through the ATV 2’s serial number for example when you bought it?

Does Firecore hold a list of serial numbers and records of all the ATV 2’s that they have sold aTV Flash too, so I can have the software resent to me?

Or if i want the aTV Flash software again - Do I need to pay for it again?

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When you buy an ATV Flash license, the license grants you access to the download area from where you can download the latest ATV Flash installer for running on a PC or Mac.

Also when you buy the license the base price allows you to run the PC/Mac installer for up to 1 year from date of purchase. There is an option to buy further/unlimited years of support for running the PC/Mac installer.

However once installed, you can upgrade ATV Flash thought the Maintainence menu with no time restrictions.

However, if you re-jailbreak an ATV you need to rerun the PC/Mac installer and whether you are able to do this depends on when you bought ithe license and how many years of support you purchased.

The license does not restrict you to only install on a specific ATV so I doubt FireCore log licenses to ATV serial numbers. If you have more than one ATV you are allowed to run the installer to install ATV Flash on more than one ATV.

i suspect in your situation you will probably have to purchase you own ATV Flash license; however I would suggest you try contacting FireCore support directly and see if they are willing to give any help given your situation.

People who buy ATV Flash with only 1 year support, often don’t realise that this restricts them to running the PC/Mac installer for up to a year from date of purchase. So if they re-jailbreak after the year has past they find that they can no longer re-install ATV Flash.

With the likelihood of further jailbreaks appearing to be less likely the need to re-jailbreak, and hence re-install ATV Flash is getting less likely, so the need for the additional years of support looks less attractive.

Thanks for your helpful info on this.