I bought a yearly sub but I want to switch to lifetime

I have subscribed to annual sub of infuse pro and I am on my 1st month of plan.
I really liked the infuse pro and want to support you guys hence
I want to purchase lifetime sub. instead and also want the refund for my 11 months from the annual sub .

How to do that ?

If you did a one year subscription I think you get a one month free trial before your subscription is actually charged.

I’d say as long as you’re in the first month of when you subscribed check to see if you’re account has actually been charged for the year.

If not just cancel it and then do a lifetime subscription.

Alright so
I talked to the customer apple support via website and she gladly filed a refund for me.
I told her that I want to upgrade to lifetime one and she accepted.

Thankyou so much for this wonderful community.


Glad it worked! Now you can avoid the worries of constant subscription fees too!


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