I am going back to Plex app

Hi, I just want to share my experience.

I was having issues with Plex app in 2019, which was transcoding everything on my server (raspberry pi 4). So I read a lot about Infuse and it sounded perfect, decoding all in the client.

So, I bought the Infuse lifetime subscription.

It was great, worked really well, but I noticed that there is only one developer (I think), so the updates arent that fast.

Aaaand, after testing a lot, the Plex app for iOS was better for me in every way (better interface, better integration with Plex, ratings from imdb, better handling of subtitles), except the transcoding server issue.

So, some days ago I give a change to Plex app (in iOS and Windows) and is GREAT, the new player can play almost everything without transcoding on the server (only having problems with TrueHD), also I configured a webhook to send info to Trakt. So, I have no reason to prefer Infuse over Plex.

I regret buying the lifetime option, maybe some day Infuse will improve his old interface and get better than Plex, but for now at least, I am going back to Plex app.

Anyway, is a great product, and can be really useful for a lot of people, but is not my case.

i wish i could try plex. it never finishes metadata scraping for me. and you need a plex account to connect locally from a client. no thanks.

How big is your media library cause i got some big libraries on 3 servers and everything is fine about metadata scrapping, algo if you want to use locally you go in the advanced settings on the server and you should add the to the " List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth ". I use it locally even when the internet goes down.

Try let me know if you need any more help!