i am already jailbroken on 4.1.1



if i am all ready jailbroken version 4.1.1 do i have to update my apple tv2 to 4.2.1 trough apple?

then rejailbreak it with seasonpass and reinstall atvflash and nito and xbmc.....?

thanks in advance

You will be challenged if you upgrade:


I can't get this to work. Others can.

If you take an Apple update then yout lose your current Jailbreak and have to re-install aTV Flash from scratch again.     

Bearing in mind the various issue that some people have with the latest version of SeasonPass working with the latest Apple firmware then you should only consider upgrading if there is something in the new Apple firmwsare that you actually want to use.   It can always be done later when things have stabilised and issues have been worked out.