I admit it, im a noob, but I need help :)

Hi guys / girls.

I just archived an ATV today, installed the ATV Flash.. happy since im a noob.. its working and running :) . 

But I want to try to use Flash on the ATV via the internet browser. Those pages ive tried says I dont got a flash installed, even though I installed the Flash module and restarted the ATV.

Also got probs with movies that ive transfered to ATV via Cyberduck to the Movie folder. IMDB regognize the files and I add them, but I cant find any "covers" or info on the file I wanna see? 

HELP. :)

Thanks for considering assisting a noob like me :) 

Btw its my birthday tomorrow the 23th of october, so help me out ^^ so I can enjoy this ATV when im having guests :)



Unfortunately support for Adobe Flash is quite limited on the AppleTV.

More information on enabling this can be seen here: support.firecore.com/entries/259320-enabling-adobe-flash

The menu slection says we can INSTALL adobe flash. But does that install it, if we have not put the special file in the documents folder? Does it get retrieved anyway, or does nothing happen?

You will manually need to transfer the CoreAudioKit.framework to the AppleTV. Once this is done, the Adobe Flash installer will automatically move it to the proper location.