Hybrid dolby vision proflie 5 video suddenly not play in hdr

Hi, I injected some of the movies I ripped from my uhd bluray with the dolby vision profile 5 layer I get from the same movie on streaming service to create a hybrid file. And it has been working just fine for a while, video looks good and is played in dolby vision. But today when I play them they are not played in DV anymore, it is actually not even hdr which it is supposed to fall back to if the TV doesnt support DV, but my TV does support DV so I dont understand what is happening here. In the cover page it still shows the DV logo. Other native DV files are still playing fine. I checked the app store and didn’t see any update for infuse, the apple tv has been using tvos 16 for a while and it was fine before (although it was using beta before and only updated to the official version recently), so this basically just happen out of the blue. Does anyone know what might cause this and how do I fix this?

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