Is there a way other than BOXEE to access HULU? Can I use the VPN with FireFox to go to the HULU website? If so, how?


This would be nice to know

Hulu can be accessed through Firefox after enabling Adobe Flash.

I got Hulu working in Firefox, had to use a mouse and keyboard, however, even whit hotspot shield working it says that it cannot play content because I am in Canada. Any other Canadians have Hulu working?

Any Canadians using Hulu somehow…?

I guess no Canadians have Hulu working on their ATV. Too bad.

Yes, Hulu does work quite well most of the time with American content. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 or more retries using Hotspot to get an IP address which will work.

How do you “retry” Hotspot?

Simply by reloading the Hotspot page within Firefox and clicking on the green button “Run Hotspot” in order to load a different IP address. You might have to repeat this process until Hulu or whatever American Network accepts one of the IP addresses that Hotspot has assigned.