Hulu working perfectly though XBMC

Just thought everyone should know that Hulu is running perfectly on ATV2 through the hulu plugin with XBMC.


Do you have instructions on how to install the plugin or any links as to where I can download the plugin?


when i post the how to i get an error about the page not able to be found?

Keith had the same problem.

Worked around it by starting a new posting in same thread [+ Post Reply] rather than trying [Reply] or [Quuote]


AppleTV2.. is a really impressive device


Ok, so I was able to download the bluecop repo from and got the Hulu plugin installed, but when I try to play any videos, I get an error "Playback failed, One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details.

Am I missing something?


Download the bluecop's beta repository zip file  from

Transfer the zip file to apple-tv via Cyberduck or WinScp. (supports SFTP) . say the file path is /var/mobile

Go to Xmbc -> System -> Addons option.


Choose Install from zip file. point to the /var/mobile/


This will add the repository location to XMBC. Now, choose the applications you want to install from the repository by choosing Get Addons.


Hulu and other applications available from the repository will be listed.


Restart from nitoTv settings.


Now, when you go back to System -> Add ons. you can see the Hulu listed.

Sometimes connections just hang up.

xbmc seems to also have problems when initially started, determining a network interface is available, says something like "remote network not available". doesn't refer to the source, refers to the xbmc not finding a network interface to use i think.

If your appletv has been asleep and you start up xbmc and it gives you a goofy error message like that, just exit the xbmc app, back to the default lowtide menu and go right back in, it usually just works.. then choose menu -> Video -> Video add-ons, and pick the new source.


Thanks kamal and johnw. There should be more useful notes from persons like yourselves. What other plugins for xbmc do you know of?


Ok, so I was able to download the bluecop repo from and got the Hulu plugin installed, but when I try to play any videos, I get an error "Playback failed, One or more items failed to play. Check the log file for details.

Am I missing something?



it's possible that you were selecting a video only available in hulu+.  i don't have hulu+ so i went ahead and disabled videos only in hulu+ to show up.  i think you go to the main xbmc page - then system - addons - video add ons - hulu - setup or something like that.

give it a try and see if thats all it was.

also, just try the video again right after it shows that error, there might have been a problem connecting to it the first time (that happened to me once, but after reselecting it everything worked).


Not much of this comment will be useful. I don't know XBMC well, complete newbie.

The xbmc menus were the hardest part, but from jailbreak to video-addon watching, it took a total of 15 minutes.

Hulu+ account is working fine. Wife is able to keep up on her Glee episodes 8)

OMG - the holy grail!!

1)  latest GREENPOISEN works great with all

2)  OVERFLOW fixes the menus

3)  XBMC installs after a couple tries

4)  XBMC plugin from Bluecop for HULU works.

HULU on APPLETV 2 via WIFI connection.






thx - worked perfect for me as well - used Cyberduck to copy the file. was also able to get Daily Show, Colbert and several other favorites working as well including PBS. Now if only I could find a way to stream Charlie Rose... 

anyway - very helpful thx again


perfect! Thanks

sorry guys i am new on this, i download the repository.bluecop.xbmc-plugins + Cyberduck and i will like to get hulu on my appletv 2 i atready install xbmc

my question is how do i transfer the repository to my appletv2, do i need to install some ftp server on the appletv?


thanks in advance

Cyberduck to yur AppleTV via the IP address of your AppleTV.  basically you are creating a connection via the FTP function on both machines.  read up on how FTP works to understand a little.  then just do it.


thanks for you help, do you know what would be the default user name and pasw?


root alpine

after being hacked by greenpois0n AppleTV2 runs an ssh server, ssh can be used to open a remote console or scp files to and from the AppleTV2

on windows you can run winscp and drag and drop the file to upload it to the AppleTV2

on mac you can install something like Cyberduck and drag and drop or open a terminal console and scp the file to the AppleTV2

ftp is generally a more complicated procedure and harder to troubleshoot when things go wrong, and its login password is transmitted in plain text, it is not secure

ssh is far simpler and easier to troubleshoot, it is also far more secure than ftp, passwords are transmitted only encrypted

put another way ftp = "big hair" 1980's Internet, ssh = "ecommerce" late 1990's Internet to each their own style, own or be owned

i dont know what im doing wrong, i download winscp432, try to conect to my appletv and ask me for name and passw which i dont know cause i never create one

anyways thanks for you help